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Junior high school of Fukuoka was learned peacefully.

Four classes 139 people.
This school was peace learning to become the continuation third for three years in this year.
The peaceful learning of this day,
  1. With a visit of the 鹿屋 air base historical materials building,
  2. Peace rally
no two.
Movie "everlasting zero" was watched in the bus toward Kagoshima by Fukuoka and seemed to be faced peaceful learning.
There is display such as the Zero fighter which left the bottom of the sea or the deadee of the Kamikaze who flew away all over the Pacific War to the historical materials building.
●鹿屋 air base historical materials building visit
Even if the Kamikaze from Fukuoka saw it nationwide, the students listened to the life of the Kamikaze of the same town that a guide spoke seriously a lot so many.
●Peace rally
Prayer to peace and the oath that how oneself build the peace from now on. I thought about War and Peace in all the members.
It was the peaceful learning jam-packed tightly of contents for two and a half hours until - about half past 2 at about 12:00.
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