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It was stayed for people days junior high school of Kagawa.

I dance together and dance ♪ Beating time with hands is nice.
In the Kanoya-shi tourist association, I work on "people stay acceptance to make the most of resources of the farm village area of the school excursion life" business.

The junior high school of first grade eight classes was a school excursion, and it was done people stay" the students of 71 two classes in the arrival the other day in Osumi Peninsula in a night by 鹿屋.
I may say the first school excursion life, and spirit is enough this year.
"Let's dance for a welcome!"
to, a 鹿屋 noted product "COME ON! PARTY! kanoya Seriola purpurascens!" deomotenashi.
Because the dance of the part of the rust was intense, "was heated and did it, and" (youth) tried it hard, and the Dad mother who might affect joints flowed into the beating time with hands by all energy.
I came in the evening, and sojourn time was short, but, in people stay schedule to leave in morning, the following day, the student who shed tears at the time of parting was seen.
I think that what I experienced should be connected by what I felt to be contact with a farming family and the agriculture experience for healthy growth of future.
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