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Mt. Takakuma Mountains width

Course ... full of Mt. width (only in the side) ... huge small shrine and changes around otaki

Altitude: 1094m walk time: Approximately four hours 25 minutes walk distance: 10.0km
Mt. width map image
   I hand over altitude of one step to the large Mt. spatula pattern and mountain rising to a great height, but am inferior to none of them sho in the prospects from the mountaintop. A small shrine at the mountaintop is a dignified thing proud of marked size in a small shrine put in each place of Mt. Takakuma.
   We use a car or a taxi in the mountain climbing course, and let's go to the campground of the house of national Osumi nature of Kanoya-shi. The starting point of a mountain climb is adjacent to the former cooking ridge approximately 50 meters from the parking lot of the campground, and I am sharp immediately, and the mountain climbing to the mountain begins.

     I see meikorebimakijo very well.

     A 360-degree panorama.

     Stock of the Rhododendron Kaempferi.

■ Mountain climbing season

   For (from the middle of April to the middle of May), I am sharp, and the Rhododendron Kaempferi of the mountain is in full bloom in spring.
   As for (from the middle of August to the middle of September), a white flower of the field horsetail bat so growing in colonies to a ridgeline flowers, and a sweet fragrance drifts in the mountain trail in the summer. In addition, there are many thicket camellia andromedas, too, and each can enjoy a flower in the four seasons.
Mt. width mountain climbing time

■ One point

   ・During summer vacation, the campground does well by the camping of children. There is a permanent tent in the campground and is available free through the year. (as an application may be necessary, please refer to a house of nature.)
   ・The sashiba hut is opened free in whole year, but a dirt is bad and is not suitable for a hotel again as there is not the water hole.
   ・At the time of the flooding caused by the heavy rain, foot of ten thousand Takishita style is dangerous. Let's return in the outward trip via a forest road.

Mt. width (only in the side) - gallery ...

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