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Sightseeing in Kanoya-shi product synthesis center

The place where sightseeing information and special products of 鹿屋, Osumi gather

At a tourist information center with a special product of Kanoya-shi and the Osumi Peninsula, it is next to "the 鹿屋 air base historical materials building".
There are a special product sale corner and break space; in the break space in the restaurant. Please inflect for the slight break of the trip.
The location
3-11-1, Nishihara, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima
Phone number
FAX number
Opening time
From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed day
Entering a building charges
Free of charge

Special product sale corner

Alcohol such as the shochu with the storehouse and a tea-related product, the products which are good to the cake using the local special product, a souvenir and the present including Self-Defense Forces-affiliated goods line up in Kanoya-shi in a row.
As there is the section that had a product "in season now" in the neighborhood of entrance, please utilize it by all means at the verges of the trouble "which shall I do it in?".

Break space (there is a restaurant)

There are approximately 40 seats of seats. I prepare hot coffee iced coffee for a drink. There is a vending machine of the others juice and donates cold water and the tea in free of charge.
In addition, please use it as there is a lunch for from 11:00 to 14:00. The child has the nice child curry.

Lunch menu (the price is tax-included)   

鹿屋 navy Airlines curry half 600 yen 
          1,000 yen in the bloom of normal
          Large serving 1,100 yen
kanoya pig rose bowl (with miso soup, salad) 1,200 yen 

Child curry 500 yen
Other menus
  • Sunday 360 yen
  • Ice-cream cone 300 yen
  • Hot coffee 150 yen
  • Iced coffee 200 yen
※I'm very sorry, but I raised it for raw materials remarkable rise from Sunday, August 20, 2023.
General corporate judicial person Kanoya-shi tourist association
3-11-1, Nishihara, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima
TEL. 0994-41-7010
FAX. 0994-41-6000

1.Spread of sightseeing, tourism thought and consciousness improvement
2.The development spread of special products and sales promotion
3.Sightseeing product promotion tameno intelligence and dispatch

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