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I flat Mt. Naka-dake

I flat Fuji Mt. Naka-dake (Fuji Jinno)

Mt. Naka-dake (677m above sea level) in the Airacho Jinno district is called "I flat Fuji" and "Fuji Jinno" from the beauty and becomes the symbol of Jinno.
The starting point of a mountain climb has "zentake" (656m) and two peaks of "Mt. Naka-dake" (677m) near Airacho water purification plant water source.
I continue climbing the slope to the mountaintop. A mountain to arrive at has good view in "zentake" and can expect Kimotsuki plains from Jinno district, the depths under eyes first in the north direction.
I arrive at the Mt. Naka-dake mountaintop when I climb the downhill slope rapid again once to the Mt. Naka-dake mountaintop for approximately 30 minutes.
A wild cherry tree is in full glory neatly in spring.
There is the trekking course over four waterfalls other than a mountain climbing course, too.

Neighboring spot introductions

Shinto shrine in Okawa

A Shinto shrine in Okawa is a Shinto shrine said to that wife of the Emperor Jinmu who is Emperor first generation, I flat Tsu princess prayed for health and the security of a husband and the child.

Tsuetate teno waterfall

With the name few in the forest road this from there being a mountain trail along Tanikawa, and speculation or a mountain climbing visitor admiring the neighboring scenery, and stopping, and having looked at a stick in old days so. The place name around here is called Tsuetate Hara (I set up stick length).

Waterfall of Ippommatsu

There was a big tree of one Kuromatsu near the waterfall, and there was this name. In addition, there is a big rock on the waterfall, and another name is said to be "the waterfall of the wagtail" because a wagtail makes nests to the rock.

Suicide attack waterfall

An airplane crashed on this waterfall, and, during the Pacific War, there was this name. It is the waterfall with the sad legend that a dealer in secondhanded articles who came to pick up the wreckage slips, and died afterwards.

Waterfall of the mandarin duck

There is a pure deep water in the center of the waterfall, and it is said that I was accompanied by this name by a mandarin duck coming flying, and having played. Become the bait around this waterfall again; seem to be nutty.
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