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Lake Mt. Takakuma, Osumi

Mt. Takakuma

Treasure house, Mt. Takakuma of the creature gene

   The high mass of mountains of the prefecture third place that seven peaks more than 1,000m above see level such as a mountain rising to a great height, Mt. small spatula pattern (only as for this pattern), Mt. wife, Mt. Futago, the Mt. heitake, width ranged on the highest peak name Mt. large spatula pattern of 1,237m above sea level (onogaradake) generally and call it and is got close to "Mt. Takakuma".
   This Mt. Takakuma becomes the treasure house of creature genes; the kind of the plant more than 4,000 kinds. A lot of animal, Insecta forms Mt. Takakuma one-shot forest ecosystem, too. I pressure it to work on it to receive the designation of "the forest creature heredity preservation forest" from the Forestry Agency, and to comprise forest ecosystem for progress of the advanced technology and the new use development of the creature to just save it forever.

■ Mt. Takakuma


Lake Osumi

Lake Osumi peeping various expressions every season

   The Lake Osumi is used in rowing meetings various as permanent construction rowing ground of the prefecture one and only to have a course of 1,000m in total length in Lake dam of the neighborhood Swedish mile made for irrigation use of the Kasano original plateau in 1967.
   I show various expressions every approximately 5,000 hydrangeas, colored leaves wonderful in autumn, wild bird and season to visit wintering in winter in approximately 1,000 cherry trees, early summer and please people visiting it in spring.

■ Lake Osumi

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