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Cut it, and take rice; dried & bamboo work event second village forest tour experience event

Cut it, and take oldness and experience-based rice; dried & bamboo work

Oldness and experience 
I cut rice and hang it, and dried & bamboo work experience event is held! 
Do you not harvest delicious rice?

Sunday, October 15, 2023
Gather, takakuma stone storehouse building
76-1, Kamitakakumacho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima
I cut rice, Rice field of the community

Participation rate
6,000 yen Japanese yen (to four people) per 1 group
Primary schoolchild - adult
Around 20 first-come-first-served bases

  9:00 takakuma stone storehouse hall meeting, reception desk
  I cut 9:30-11:30 rice and experience it
11:30-12:30    Lunch
The making of 12:30-14:30 bamboo work experience bamboo glass

・A specially made lunch using the rice that Takakuma is delicious as for lunch!
・It is performed in February and can use the bamboo work in "key pull Festival"
 The making of bamboo glass of the attached to a twig!
・As there is the support of the local person, I am reliable!
・I present the bamboo work which I made with an experience without exception to a participant
 The rice which I harvested is provided in 1 group at 2 kg of future to the home!

I would like the application from the following application form.

The application deadline
So that the application hastens it until 12:00 on 2023/9/26 Tuesday!

Inquiry Kanoya-shi tourist association Nagayoshi

Representative full name (kanji) ※required
Example) Taro Yamada
Representative full name (kana) ※required
Example) Yamada Taro
The representative date of birth ※required
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Sex ※required
Zip code ※required
Example) 012-3456
The metropolis and districts ※required
Municipality ※required
Address, name
Cell phone number ※required

A number to sometimes get contact at ... 17:00 on 9 on weekdays.
FAX number
Example) 012-345-6789
E-mail address ※required

※I reinput it for confirmation
The number of participants ※required

Companion ① full name/furigana
Example) Ichiro Yamada/Yamada Ichiro
The companion ① date of birth
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Companion ① sex
Companion ② full name/furigana
Example) Yamada ni child/Yamada Nico
The companion ② date of birth
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Companion ② sex
Companion ③ full name/furigana
Example) Mitsuo Yamada/Yamada Mitsuo
The companion ③ date of birth
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Companion ③ sex
Other requests, notifications

Please input if you have any questions.
General corporate judicial person Kanoya-shi tourist association
3-11-1, Nishihara, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima
TEL. 0994-41-7010
FAX. 0994-41-6000

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2.The development spread of special products and sales promotion
3.Sightseeing product promotion tameno intelligence and dispatch

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