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Takakuma Mountains mountain rising to a great height

Real course ... appropriate for a certain mountain rising to a great height (ontake) - personality figure of a mountain

Altitude: 1181.7m walk time: About three hours walk distance: 3.5km
Mountain rising to a great height map image
   An emergency to call another name Gongendake (gongendake) can see the figure of a mountain with presence, the personality.
   There is a course entering the forest road at course from the mountain rising to a great height starting point of a mountain climb (television tower lower starting point of a mountain climb) looking down at the meikorebi (the niece) ranch which a city runs in the mountain climbing course under eyes, Setoyama Shrine of Kamiharaigawacho.

      I can look down at meikorebimakijo under eyes.

     I am seen in the quay in the stock of the hawk bear grayheaded cuckoo on the forest road.

■ Mountain climbing season

   The flower of pink and the white andromeda (andromeda) is frequent in the ridge of (from the end of March to the beginning of April) in spring.
   I please eyes that red and the yellow colored leaves shine in the face of the mountain of the colored leaves shining beautifully tree as for (from the middle of October to the middle of November) and look at in autumn.
Mountain rising to a great height mountain climbing time

■ One point

   ・We go down the way home in the upper Harai River course, and it is in the course with the change when we walk hoetsurindo until an encounter with meikorebirindo from the fifth stage, but let's go down it carefully as there is the rocky place with the rope in a part.
   ・Upper Harai River course is a course suitable for the good walkers who need from two hours 30 minutes to three hours even from the forest road starting point of a mountain climb for approximately four hours if I climb it from the bus stop of the upper Harai River village. There is the water hole of the swamp in hoetsurindogogomoku.
   ・Or, I'm sorry, the mountain traversing to the Mt. large spatula pattern is possible in a day via a mountain pass to the Mt. width via Mt. wife from the mountain rising to a great height, too. But I will send a car to Shimoyamaguchi beforehand. The reservation of the taxi is possible, too.
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