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Remains of war fieldwork peace learning

I know 鹿屋 and the history of the war

The soil "鹿屋" where the Pacific War began, and postwar period originated

Three airports (Kasano Hara, 鹿屋, kushiryo) were in the 鹿屋 in wartime.
Above all, a 鹿屋 base is a naval main base, and "the 鹿屋 talk" that a making plan of the Pearl Harbor attack was worked out in 1941 is known as a performed base.
鹿屋 base 1 birr
鹿屋 base
Kasano Motoi Hara place
In addition, on postwar September 4, 1945, the Operation Army achieved the mainland's first landing in the Kanahama shore of the 鹿屋. From this and others, as for the 鹿屋, the name is carved with as "the place where war begins, and postwar period originated" for a history.
The Kanahama shore
The Operation Army which strikes the Kanahama shore

"The 鹿屋 base" where a Kamikaze made most a sortie against

Special attack unit sortie (complete set land attack with the cherry blossom)
Above all, the fifth Airlines fleet headquarters that commanded an attack in particular of each base was put in the 鹿屋 base when it was in the 鹿屋 base in 1945 when war intensified in known main bases because a strategic plan was worked out of the Pearl Harbor attack.
363 commandos make a sortie from most 908 people, kushiryokiji in Japan from the 鹿屋 base and are killed in action.
Sortie base
The number of the suicide attack war dead
The navy
908 people
The army
439 people
The navy
427 people
The navy
385 people
The navy
365 people

War remains of "the 鹿屋" attracting attention with "0 of the eternity" in "70 years after the war"

Many people visit the war remains in Kanoya-shi to follow memory of the war now that it was past 70 years after the war. In novel "0 of the eternity," a main character makes a sortie from the 鹿屋 base, and a descendant appears in the scene visiting the 鹿屋 to follow the footprint. An airplane still flies in the 鹿屋 base now in the sky of the 鹿屋 for an active base used as an air base. The 鹿屋 is a few areas living together with "a scratch of the war" "now".

鹿屋 base connection chronological table

April 1, 1936
Navy 鹿屋 flying corps open corps
August 14, 1937 ...
February, 1941
"A 鹿屋 talk"
Pearl Harbor attack operation is worked out in 1 birr in the 鹿屋 base.
February 10, 1945
The fifth aviation fleet commanding a suicide attack strategy is organized, and the headquarters is established in 鹿屋
March 11, 1945
A special attack unit makes a sortie for the first time than 鹿屋
shi*betsusemeuchitaiginkawa 24 strike the US Navy base of Woolsey
March 18, 1945
鹿屋 catches the air raid for the first time
March 21, 1945
Approximately 160 people are exterminated though a God thunder corps makes a sortie for the first time from the 鹿屋 base
April 6, 1945 ...
Kikusui strategy starts
June 21, 1945
A God thunder corps cherry blossom corps is the sortie of the last
June 26, 1945
A last divine wind special attack unit third white chrysanthemum corps makes a sortie from the 鹿屋 base
August 15, 1945
The end of the war
September 3, 1945
A Colonel Operation Army shirin advance party to lead arrives at the 鹿屋 base
September 4, 1945
Operation Army main force is the landing of Takasu mainland's first in the Kanahama shore
July, 1954
Marine Self Defense Force 鹿屋 air base is an open corps

Peaceful learning program

Old battlefield fieldwork

In a dugout first telegraphic communication room
A peaceful learning guide conducts (together with a class) one together with a bus and shows around a historical fact and the history more than 70 years ago in war remains and the inside of car and provides the opportunity when each one of student thinks about War and Peace.
[the acceptance number of people] To up to eight classes (eight buses)
[acceptance period] All year
[the time required] From two and a half hours to three hours (it includes it at historical materials building visit time)
[time in] 9:00-17:00
[rate] Pay
[object] The small, middle and high school student
I am divided into every 2-3 classes, and a form to make a rotation, and to observe is mainstream.
 An example: Group A old battlefield ⇒ 鹿屋 air base historical materials building
   Group B 鹿屋 air base historical materials building ⇒ old battlefield
As you suggest it by time and a request, please talk about a course and the content of the program.
The war remains which you can see are following four places.
Dugout first telegraphic communication room
It is the facility which received the last communication that has been sent by the special attack unit where I made a sortie against from kaigunkushiryokiji. I am made underground to avoid an air raid.
The Kamikaze sent made, the telegraphic communication which were just before which entered into an enemy plane. I can hear the Morse code sound which reproduced communication at the time locally.
[place] 4963, Kushirachoarisato, Kanoya-shi
[parking lot] Three buses
[restroom] Unavailable
[remarks] Kanoya-shi designated cultural assets
Kawahigashi protection against bullets trench
A protection against bullets trench is the concrete hangar which was made to protect an airplane from the air raids of the enemy plane. This protection against bullets trench was used in a Kasano Motoi Hara place, and it is said that Zero fighter entered in wartime.
[place] 8206-1, Kawahigashicho, Kanoya-shi
[parking lot] Three buses
[restroom] Unavailable
[remarks] Kanoya-shi designated cultural assets
Skewer Ryohei sum park
It is the park with the memorial worshiping 363 special attack units which makes a sortie from kaigunkushiryokiji, and lost its life, spirit of a dead person of the various places of 210 general raiding parties. In two straight line roads in front of the park, the runway trace that a special attack unit flew away is just used all over the wartime.
[place] 5183-1, Kushirachoarisato, Kanoya-shi
[parking lot] Ten buses (kushiryo arena parking lot)
[restroom] Available
Monument, God thunder corps lodgings (country village national elementary school) trace of the cherry blossom
War was terminal, and the suicide attack God thunder corps that I did used a country village national elementary school by Operation human being bomb, cherry blossom as the lodgings. To "the monument of the cherry blossom built in this place," an acute wish to expect the hard memory that saw off a member of Mr. writer, Sohachi Yamaoka who lived together with a God thunder corps as a news member under the wartime and the requiem of the member who lost young the life is spelled.
[place] Nozatocho, Kanoya-shi
[parking lot] Three buses
[restroom] Unavailable

鹿屋 air base historical materials building visit

With historical materials building about navy Airlines from the old navy, I can observe the information about restored Zero fighter and special attack unit on the second floor.
[place] 3-11-2, Nishihara, Kanoya-shi
[guide] The staff in the hall
[the acceptance number of people] 80 [acceptance period] whole year (except New Year holidays)
[the time required] 60 minutes [acceptance time] 9:00-17:00
[rate] Free of charge    [restroom] Existence 
[inquiry] TEL & FAX 0994-42-0233  
General corporate judicial person Kanoya-shi tourist association
3-11-1, Nishihara, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima
TEL. 0994-41-7010
FAX. 0994-41-6000

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