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Oldness and "the kikita Festival" of the star

   It is the Kihokucho where the announcement of the folk art or the sale of the special product are held's greatest event. Starlit sky songs and ballads contest or the nostalgic car festival are held, too.

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A reference: Oldness and kikita Festival executive committee of the star 
House         sho: 2635, Kihokuchokamimobiki, Kanoya-shi 
Train         A story: 0994-86-1111
General corporate judicial person Kanoya-shi tourist association
3-11-1, Nishihara, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima
TEL. 0994-41-7010
FAX. 0994-41-6000

1.Spread of sightseeing, tourism thought and consciousness improvement
2.The development spread of special products and sales promotion
3.Sightseeing product promotion tameno intelligence and dispatch

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