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Mt. Takakuma Mountains size spatula pattern

The vast panorama appropriate for the Mt. large spatula pattern (onogaradake) - Osumi Peninsula highest peak is development ...

Altitude: 1236.4m walk time: Approximately three hours 30 minutes walk distance: 6.5km
Mt. large spatula pattern map image
Mt. large spatula pattern almost the center of Mt. Takakuma. There are 7 seats, and the peak more than 1,000 meters including the Mt. mountain rising to a great height and width calls these collectively with Mt. Takakuma.
There are drooping cherry tree course to climb using Onohara forest road from the Tarumizu-shi side in the mountain climbing course and 8, Kotobuki course that, I'm sorry, there is a course and climbs from the Takakuma Valley of the Kanoya-shi side.

■ Mountain climbing season

   For (from the end of April to the beginning of May), the pink Akebono azalea which the face of the mountain is dotted with is seen in spring.
   As for (from the middle of October to the middle of November), colored leaves weave the green of the colored leaves shining beautifully tree and a spotted design and color the face of the mountain in autumn.
Mt. large spatula pattern mountain climbing time

■ One point

   ・As the means of transportation such as buses have little number of service as for the mountain climbing of Mt. Takakuma, let's plan it by a car taxi. (the taxi will perform the reservation of the return beforehand.)
   ・The highest score of the Mt. large spatula pattern is in the approximately 40m south side from the mountaintop of the triangulation point, but, as for the difference, there are hardly none with altitude, the prospects.
   ・The mountain traversing to Hakusan is possible if I do my best in a day to the Mt. mountain rising to a great height or width.

Mt. large spatula pattern (onogaradake) - gallery ...

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