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tsurudo corner cycling meet

   "A tool de, corner cycling meeting" to run the whole course of paths of beautiful Osumi.
   As there is the family course, and there is not the order for the purpose of running the whole distance, from a child to an elderly person, I can enjoy it depending on each level. 

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   A reference: Tool de, corner executive committee 
   House         sho: 7-1, Mukaecho, Kanoya-shi  
   Train         A story: 0994-41-5265
General corporate judicial person Kanoya-shi tourist association
3-11-1, Nishihara, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima
TEL. 0994-41-7010
FAX. 0994-41-6000

1.Spread of sightseeing, tourism thought and consciousness improvement
2.The development spread of special products and sales promotion
3.Sightseeing product promotion tameno intelligence and dispatch

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