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It is recruiting people stay acceptance families of the school excursion life

I look for it toward Kanoya-shi residence to let a school excursion student (domestic junior high student, high school student) make vacation rental in the Kanoya-shi tourist association.
During vacation rental, you become a "father, mother" of students "teacher" "leader", and please spend it with student.
"Life" and "culture" to remain in the good old country provide "primary industry" as an experience, and please tell the city a lot of charm of the few country.
You become the acceptance home by all means, and please participate in an activity to introduce "good 鹿屋" and "the charm of the country" into.

About acceptance

Please let "I experience a country life" and do it.

People stay is an approach to push the human growth of children through learning of the primary industry (agriculture and forestry fishery) such as the agriculture experiences that I cannot experience and the interchange with you from behind in the city.

There are two times of acceptance opportunities in 2018.

Because I received a junior high school (two classes) of Osaka with 20 households in May, 2011, it begins and receives a total of 34 schools in seven years until 2017, and there are 5.7 times a year of acceptance opportunities on the average, but will receive two schools in 2018.
A tourist season of "spring" (from May to June) and "autumn" (from September to October) is main for time, and school in the Kansai area comes mainly.

The night number is a night or 2 nights.

There are more schools staying for one night. When it is average in these 7 years, among 5.7 times a year of acceptance, night, 2.2 times are 2 nights 3.5 times, and, in 2018, school in October is a plan in 2 nights school in May in a night.

The student that people stay days at a time is 3 to 4 persons.

It is either boy student or school girl that people stay at once including "three boy students" "school girl four" days. Various information including the thing which I cannot eat reaches it for an allergy other than the name of a student beforehand from a school not to be in trouble after coming.
In addition, people are a junior high student, high school students of the outside the prefecture where the visitor stayed days comes over to Kagoshima by a school excursion and may not ask for staying of the foreign school which is not the student of the domestic school including the various places of adult who can come in a student and a normal trip.

There is the payment of experience-based instruction charges.

There is the payment of constant "experience (instruction) charges" according to length of the time on having you offer a country life experience. I transfer it to an account of the designation after the acceptance from one month to one and a half months later in a timing of the payment.

About an acceptance home

I raise one meeting the following conditions.

(1)The one where is resident in either of the "farm village" of Kanoya-shi "mountain village" "fishing village"

"The fishing village" where the sea breeze is comfortable "a mountain village" surrounded by trees "the farm village" where a field and a rice field spread through. Charm of the rural living increases by the scenery that the country jumps into eyes.

(2)The person who is made to experience the life of the "farm village" "mountain village" "fishing village"

Example of the life experience in the farm village
The "potato moat ri" "vegetables crop" "fruit tree crop" "tea crop" "seeding" "rice-transplanting" "threshing" "to cut rice" "dairy farming experience" (bait spear, milking) "making soba" "making of jam" "made with konjac" "lights a furnace"
Example of the life experience in the mountain village
"Edible wild plant collecting" "to hit the branch" "fruit collecting" (akebi, Stauntonia hexaphylla) "forest walk" "woodwork work" "bath attendant charge account" "making of dried shiitake" "work to hang"
Example of the life experience in the fishing village
"Seine net" "fixed shore net" "dried bonito processing experience" "handling of fish" "nursery bait spear" "beach fishing"

(3)The where there are "an experience and instruction of the cooking" and "security of the time for pleasure of home life"

As people stay at children days for the purpose of "learning", instruction from you is necessary during people night. You intended to become a "teacher" "grandfather, grandmother" "parent", and please tell the lot.
In addition, the learning effect of children increases by making time "looking back" on what I learned. Please arrange dinner and "the time to look back on children and a day after a meal for pleasure of home life".

Support system

In the Kanoya-shi tourist association, I support the various places of the acceptance home so that it is relief, a safe people night.

Insurance participation procedure

I have you join compensation for damages liability insurance and go down just in case.

Holding of the workshop

I hold a safe class once a year and create an opportunity to learn it about the correspondence such as food hygiene or the injury.

Consultation duties

About the how to compose of the experience-based contents and schedule, I give an advice including correspondence at the time of the rainy weather.

Night correspondence

When I run a fever, and a student was hurt by the end of people night, I take a teacher to the home and cope by night.

Charm of the 鹿屋 which a student, the teacher that people stayed days of school told

An attractive ① star of the 鹿屋 is beautiful!
A person from attractive ② of the 鹿屋 is gentle!
Attractive ③ food and water, air of the 鹿屋 are delicious!
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