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Mountain, this and that

■ Goods and selection of wear of the mountain

Selection of tool is important to the mountain climbing!

   Three kinds of sacred treasures of the tool of the mountain are "rucksack" "mountain climbing shoes" "rainwears", but what is necessary, or let's confirm it elsewhere.
   We understand mountain and weather and oneself, and let's select a necessary thing.
Belonging check list of the mountain

■ What I want to know before mountain climbing

How to choose mountains which oneself had

   The degree of difficulty of the mountain varies. I will control four important points to choose the mountain which fitted one's physical strength and experience.
   The same mountain is the same top, but will come to be able to choose the mountain of the degree of difficulty suitable for oneself present by a method of the approach as the degree of difficulty comes to vary.
    The basics of the mountain climbing begin in the place choosing the mountain. Let's choose you carefully although being a pleasure.
      Point1. A season and course
          As the degree of difficulty may greatly change by a course to go up in the same mountain, let's warn you enough.
          In addition, I may turn into the totally different mountain in the same course depending on a season. Let's keep it in mind without feeling relieved when I climb it in a different season when I have climbed it once to check a state and a degree of difficulty at the by all means time.

      Point2. Altitude difference
          If it is the mountain where has low anyone without being rich called the mountain, it is easy to climb it, and the high mountain has the impression called the product for seniors, but is not necessarily so. As the altitude difference turns big as well as altitude of the top by the position of the starting point of a mountain climb, let's warn you.

     Point3. The time required
          Let's check the time required to be written on mountain guides by all means. As time greatly changes whether even same 100m is a descent or the up or a flat way, or it is a rocky place, I may not be useful only at walk distance.             As a tempo is well an indication when walked as for the time required appearing in mountain climbing maps, see some time longer while is at the beginning, and charge an extra 2; having the room of the degree it is important to make a plan.

     Point4. Danger point
         There is the course that is corrupt depending on a mountain, and must cross a place and a ladder, the river. In the case of the mountain climbing of the beginner, it is passable to keep off such a course. I will check it well beforehand to climb it without knowing it, and not to have a dangerous experience.

Various mountain climbing-style

   There is how to climb various styles even if I say mountain climbing to a mouthful. At first I will think about a style to enjoy a mountain.
   There are various kinds of ways of enjoying mountain climbing, and a style of really various mountain climbing is thought about. In addition, it may be in totally different mountain climbing-style by a season and a course in the same mountain. You choose the style that oneself present had and should look for a mountain applying to the style.
One-day mountain climbing
One-day mountain climbing
It is one-day mountain climbing to be able to enjoy the first person most casually. We think about the turnaround time from the uphill down time required, house to the starting point of a mountain climb, and let's choose the mountain in the range that there is not of the unreasonableness. (let's be careful enough even if we say one-day mountain climbing as there is danger.)
The snowy mountains
The snowy mountains
It is the silver world where area one side is beautiful by the snow which laid thick. The state of the mountain changes completely in spring from early winter in Japan at cold time. The mountain climbing of the snowy mountains is very attractive, but the maintained mountain trail is covered with snow, and the danger to be concerned with a life including an accident and the slipping down increases markedly.
I stay at the mountain
I stay at the mountain
I will challenge that I stay by all means in a mountain if getting used to one-day mountain climbing. At first it may be good trial, to stay at the tent if getting used from mountain hut night watch. It eats in the mountain hut at fixed time, and it is attractive one that there is a rule different from the ground accommodations when I sleep in great numbers in a large room.
Mountain traversing
Mountain traversing
The mountain traversing is a method to aim at the mountain climbing of the style walking along a ridgeline from the mountain to the mountain unlike the independent climbing toward one mountaintop towards the mountaintops more than two. Even if it is said with anything, it is attractive to be able to expect scenery to spread vastly from side to side and is the mountain climbing method that I hang it for days and may take 1 week or more if long.
Heap of mountain, colored leaves of the flower
Heap of mountain, colored leaves of the flower
Naturally it is that it is surrounded by Nature to climb a mountain. The flowers of several kinds bloom on the mountain much in a summer season from spring in particular, and trees change color in red and yellow if it is in autumn. The mountain climbing to taste the splendor of the mountain every such season is recommended.
River trekking
River trekking
It is the way of enjoying mountains which developed originally in Japan which sails up the flow of the swamp of nature, and aims at the depth of the mountain. It is big charm of the river trekking to walk in Nature of the beginning at the present when the main mountain trail is managed for the security artificially.
I climb the rock face. It is mountain climbing for various seniors such as free climbing to use only one's body for, aid climbing to use various tools for, ice climbing to climb the iceberg. The bouldering to perform in the room is popular recently.

Let's plan the mountain climbing

   The next will think about a concrete mountain climbing plan if I find the mountain which matched oneself. Pleasant mountain climbing cannot miss an elaborate plan by security. It leads to the plan that I did well preventing a trouble and becomes easy to deal when not only an action of the day smoothens at all, but also an unexpected situation got up.
     I collect documents
          At first I will look for a mountain climbing magazine or a guidebook, a map. It is published the thing which I put together in various kinds and levels such as one mountain or thing specialized in the area much by a general thing. In addition, on the homepages of the municipalities, let's check the latest information such as current state and weather, traffic information.
         At first you must arrive at the starting point of a mountain climb to climb the mountain. At first we go in the public institutions such as buses, or let's decide whether we go by car. As service time is fixed in the case of a public institution, it is necessary to put up a schedule to it.
     I decide a course
          A degree of difficulty may turn big by a course in the same mountain in an altitude difference and the time required. Let's choose the course of the degree of difficulty suitable for oneself. In addition, it is important point to become the indication by mountain climbing and to grasp turning points well if it decides a course.
     I grasp a difficult place
          It is a difficult place in the middle of the course to have to grasp next. Let's keep off the course with the difficult place as much as possible while it is a beginner. I think about measures well after having checked difficult places well and will prepare when I go.
     I decide a schedule
          If we decide a course and grasp a difficult place, let's think about a schedule this time. At first we add the time for break and meal more, and let's think about the timetable of all trips in consideration of one's experience and physical strength using the time required as an indication. We think about the access situation to the mountain by transportation from there, and let's make the overall schedule from a house.
     I list necessary things​      
          If a course is decided on a mountain, I list the necessary articles of food and accessories. The thing left behind in the mountain may get out of control. You should make a check list clearly. In addition, I cannot deal when I prepared on the day before, and there was an insufficient thing. Let's prepare having margin at time.
     I make a plan
          Let's compile the information that we collected in various areas to one plan. An action on the day smoothens when I take the thing which wrote down a point and a trip, the transportation of the course as the book is heavy. In addition, the plan will mail it if there is the post of the report of mountain climbing in home and the starting point of a mountain climb before mountain climbing. It becomes the big clue of the help by any chance when I do an accident and a search by the self.

I will come to understand a map

   A course map of the mountain climbing is published in the book of the mountain.
   I understand minimum knowledge written on the map and will make use for safe mountain climbing.

Let's know the weather of the mountain

   It is a break of the weather to be the most anxious in a mountain. I may prevent an accident if I include knowledge of the slight weather.
   I think that the word "that the weather of the mountain is easy to turn" into is the word that anyone has heard. I hear cloudy weather, the story that it rains, and was felt great about well in the morning in fine weather, the middle. The weather of the mountain is such variable.

Let's know rule & manner of the mountain

   A rule and the manner of the mountain are on the mountain. I will protect anyone by all means to be able to climb a mountain safely comfortably.
   A mountain is a thing of nature and is not a thing of somebody. It is the present conditions in the mountain climbing visitor who continues increasing year by year that there are a lot of embarrassing people. Precious pleasant mountain climbing decides a small rule, and, unfortunately, one becoming formal will protect a rule of the mountain climbing properly.
          Of course I cannot go against a menstruation phenomenon. When I cannot stand, I bury it in the soil and will take the paper home with me. How to use restroom of the mountain hut, please obey the instructions of the hut.
          It is common sense to take the garbage which appeared in a mountain home with. Unfortunately there is the place where various garbage falls into in the mountain trail. As a matter of course, the things which there is not naturally such as plastic will take the thing which seems to return to garbage nature to go by all means.
     I do not take the plant
          I can find a flower and the plant of the beautiful mountain a lot when I climb spring and the summer mountain. While we take a photograph, we may want to take it unintentionally, but let's endure there. It is said that I am beautiful, and, as for the climax of, what happens to all the mountain climbing visitors if I take the plant? Let's think.
     I do not feed an animal
          I may meet with the big animals such as deer at various small animals and time when I walk the mountain. You must not feed a cute rest in such a case. It can be expected that it lets the life of the animal be out of order to learn the taste that is not natural.

■ Let's know the flow of the mountain climbing

Of goods acquire it, and know

   I wear various items by a rucksack, mountain climbing shoes, the mountain climbing including the wear. Let's master right how to use.

What you should do before departure

   The day to climb the mountain is considerably busy. Therefore it is important for doing it by the day before to be able to do it.
   I will check preparations or the tool of the lunch of the day on the starting previous night. In addition, I will check the weather forecast of the day by all means. Let's reconfirm the investigation, a one's mountain climbing plan properly at the sunrise and sunset time.
   It is perfect and does preparation so that the mountain can move quickly without keeping a friend waiting after having entered. A quick action is required in nature. It is simple and will gather up the tool so that there is not a thing left behind.

Good how to climb mountains

   There is simple technique to climb the mountain. I only know these, and the mountain climbing will become easy more happily. I am pointed how you stabilize a body in the case of the mountain climbing.
   It is not easy to walk the place with the root of the tree and various obstacles in the uphill slope of the mountain for several hours, but, from everyday life, may become the mountain climbing for several hours if I know the art of the how to walk and fit the mountain while walking not to feel such fatigue.

■ Et cetera about the mountain

At the time of accident

   The pleasant mountain climbing may lead to a big accident and injury from slight carelessness. I introduce an emergency measure helpful in the case of emergency.
   At first I wash a wound with water as beautiful as possible and protect it with sterilization, an adhesive plaster and clean gauze with antiseptic solution after having removed sand or soil. When attendance does not stop, I press an executive and push the hemostasis point and stop bleeding.
Cut, nail wound
   In the case of a light wound, I wash it with clean water in the same way and I sterilize it and protect it with adhesive plasters. In the case of a deep wound, a suture may be necessary. In that case, after having protected a wound, I press it with a bandage or tape and have you cope with a medical institution. As you may do attendance when a big thing has stuck by pulling it, do not pull it by oneself at all. After having taken an emergency measure, every alien substance is fixed with gauze. Take a pain-killer, if necessary, to a medical institution.
Arthralgia of the knee
   Descend a mountain using stock in both hands slowly not to add to a pain. The use such as taping or the supporter is effective, too.
Shoe sore ・
Beans of the foot
   I put tape before mountain climbing and prevent it. There is the shoe sore preventive tape, too. I sterilize it after beans have grown and I put adhesive plasters and cope.
   A descent from a mountain is necessary basically. I ask for help whether the case as I cannot walk has companion carry it out. 
Leg cramps
   I extend it to a direction and the opposite direction where muscle shrinks slowly and massage it lightly if convulsions are relieved.
If I lose my way
   At first return if you think that you were at a loss. Let's return with caution to the place where I think that it is right. It is the scariest now to charge all the time without a station. 
   Anyway, run away to the low place. All the metal things which I wore to a body take it off and put it in the distance.
Mountain sickness
   I take a deep breath and improve it a little when I do key point push, but descend a mountain without question when I awfully turn worse. It is effective to inhale Japanese pepper. I keep it in mind without suddenly climbing it to take the water slowly.
Insect bite
   As a blackish color is easy to attract a bee and the mosquitoes, I avoid those colors. I wear a glove and long sleeves shirt, pants or tights and refrain from exposure of the skin even in the summer.
   I try to consume sports drinks diligently. As tea and coffee provide diuresis, I avoid it at the time of the dehydration if possible.
Heat stroke
   I find a good cool place of the ventilation and lie and loosen clothes. When temperature is high, I make fun with wet towels and keep it warm when it is low. Not water, I take sports drinks and the salt water.
   I keep it in mind not to get a body wet if possible. I choose the moisture absorption fast-dry wear. It is important to consume a thing becoming the energy sources such as chocolate or the candy diligently.
   At first cool it without doing humidity retention well when I am not terrible, and painting with anything when inflammation occurs. It moisturizes it after being relieved a little. In addition, do not forget sunglasses and goggles as the eyes tan in the snowy mountains.
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