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Remains of war introduction of the 鹿屋

鹿屋 air base historical materials building

At a history museum of navy Airlines, the former Great War, a valuable document before continuing up to the present day are displayed in the hall from the old navy foundation period.

War remains around the 鹿屋 base

Kozuka Park (old 鹿屋 air base special attack unit war dead memorial)
There is a memorial worshiping the spirit of a dead person of 908 commandos who makes a sortie from the 鹿屋 base, and lost the life, and a memorial service is performed in April when cherry blossoms bloom.

Kasano original area

Kawahigashi protection against bullets trench
It is the hangar which was made to protect an airplane from the air raids of the enemy plane.
It is said that Zero fighter entered all over the wartime.

Skewer excellent area

Peace Park
A commando, a memorial worshiping a member of general raiding party which flies away from kushiryokiji, and was killed in action is erected. Two straight line roads of the runway trace are known as a famous spot of cherry tree.

Takasu area

The Kanahama shore
In postwar confusion, the shirin colonel of the advance party of the Operation Army seemed to ask a question first on September 3, 1945 "where is the divine wind boy?".
And, on 4th, the following day, 2,500 Operation Army United States Marine Corps struck the Kanahama shore of Takasu.
It is said that many people of Kanoya ran away to the mountains for fear of the Operation Army in those days.
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