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The second Takasu waits; a walk expeditionary party!

20 first arrival-limited

Passage of Sunday, August 20, 2017 day

Takasu townsman Hall meeting!
I explore the 鹿屋 which is full of the history including railroad trace and Takamori Saigou of Takasumachi with a local guide!
Let's make an exploration result a free study of the summer vacation in a mass!
Saigo learns the place where I stayed at in detail while listening to a story of a guide!
Takasumachi where there is the rock of the interesting form! I am seen to the profile which kisses when I see it well! When change how to take picture of photographs here; ...!
A road and a tunnel to leave the feature of the Japanese National Railways Osumi line for Takasu are left!
I will have you teach a state at the time from a guide in detail!

State on the day

A town walk start!
I had you teach the history of Takasu!
It was very near and saw the beautiful sea!
Takamori Saigou is visit to retamashita, too!
I take a ceremonial photograph with all the expeditionary parties☆
The hotel trace that Saigo stayed!
Saigo seemed to stop a ship here!
I explore the road of the railroad trace!
Here was a station in old days!
The tunnel trace of the Osumi line explores it, too!
I take a ceremonial photograph even before a tunnel☆
I wait and take a short break with persimmon ice and a cake of Takasu after a walk♪



200 yen
※The rate is event premium, guide charges.
※Lunch does not appear.
※I plan 11:30 at event end time.

I bring it

・Water bottle
・Memo pad
・Writing utensils

About an application

The application closed it.
Thank you for much application.
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TEL. 0994-41-7010
FAX. 0994-41-6000

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2.The development spread of special products and sales promotion
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