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The farmhouse guest house "vegetable garden field of the cheerful seal" (saembakke)

By the way, what is this?

I boiled the sprout of the pumpkin.
By the way, what is this?
The answer…
It was "the sprout of the pumpkin"!
(I say an answer immediately)
This was the first time that I had the sprout of the pumpkin, but there was not a habit at all and was able to have this deliciously again.
It is that the nourishment is plentiful as it is a bud☆
In addition, the place that is famous for here I flat hakabochano production.
I produce a pumpkin and autumn pumpkins, and pumpkin cultivation is right in the middle in spring in the vegetable garden field of the here spirit mark.
In vegetable garden field "of the farmhouse guest house" spirit mark, you can enjoy the meal using the ingredients only in the farmhouse.
If stay at Osumi, the 鹿屋 and is considered, please use "vegetable garden field "of the farmhouse guest house" spirit mark" in the autumn of the appetite; ... ^^
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