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The farmhouse guest house "vegetable garden field of the cheerful seal" (saembakke)

I sneaked into the making of lunch!

By the way, even this introduces as there was an opportunity photographing lunch the other day.
Ingredients shakkishaki!
I cooked it while having a chat in everybodies.
The dried bonito cut since time of the primary schoolchild.
The country dishes which were kind to a body without using the oil too much were main health lunch.
I had a stomach much. ^^
・kampachino grilled gill area
・Do it, and do it; meat
・Oven-baked green pepper
・Taro simmered in miso
・It is a moth
・Bud of the pumpkin which I boiled
・Stewed peanuts
I had tea and a cake. A pickled plum, a pickle, a mandarin orange, a potato rice cake. A potato rice cake was particularly delicious.
"Tea gnarl" to sharpen dried bonito, and to put miso, and to dissolve with hot water. I felt nostalgic for a sound to reduce, and the fragrance of the bonito was the best.
Cut the green pepper to half; and carrying cheese and bacon to an oven. A green pepper is delicious!
Local cooking "gane" using the sweet potato. Besides, I put an onion, a bitter gourd.
I ate a lot of vegetables which I got in a vegetable garden field. I was already full.
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