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I am glad for a woman! "The making of dakkisho tofu"

"dakkisho tofu."
The traditional regional cuisine that it is continued eating including 鹿屋 in here Osumi Peninsula from old days.
I went for a visit made with hakonodakkisho tofu this time.
The raw materials "a peanut." It is not a bean.
Because the lipid of the peanut is included in comparison with common tofu, the calorie is high, it is filling by just that much and has abundant vitamin E which can expect an antioxidant action, and it may be said that it is glad food to a woman.
The participation on this day is six people.
The cooking time with one hour a little.
It takes time a little more when I begin with the place to boil a peanut.
The lunch is included, too, and of 2400 yen per person (a tax-included adult child is common)
Only in the case of an experience made with dakkisho tofu, it is (a tax-included adult child is common) of 1500 yen per person.
Please use it with a family, a friend.
The peanut of raw materials. I bark it after boiling it and spend it on fire after running in a mixer and harden it in dogtooth violet starch.
Light sauce of the plum flavor coils itself round the soft rakadeshittorishitadakkisho tofu well.
It is lunch peacefully together ☆The side has just finished beating, besides, by closing a bargain!
The nodakkisho tofu for the souvenir. It is the white that I cannot imagine from a peanut.
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