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Do a guest house and do not see it

The message which is nice on an inn register!

There is an inn register at the hotel and has the visitor who came fill in an impression or a request freely.
It is an introduction in this in a proprietress having been able to show me as the customer of a family and the couple of 20-30 generations when you stayed the other day left a nice message for an inn register. ^^
... text ...
I came from Fukuoka!
I stayed at the guest house for the first time,
It was easy to spend time with a cozy atmosphere.
As for the children acorn picking and nature
I could experience it and was had a good experience.
When the room is beautiful, too and is easy to spend time very much and returns
I got the souvenirs such as potatoes, and the service was good, too.
Next is the guest house where I want to stay at, too.
I want to eat dinner this time when I come♪
Then I come again!
Thank you.
... which a general, a proprietress seemed to be very glad of ☆^^
It is ^^ with the smile that let me see a photograph as it was taken a ceremonial photograph when he/she comes back, but everybody looks happy with a smile
Even one will make a lot a trip to remain for such a memory in future; let's try it hard to be able to help you! I thought of this.
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TEL. 0994-41-7010
FAX. 0994-41-6000

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