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Do a guest house and do not see it

How about the specially made morning curry?

Meat is plentiful! Taste is crowded! In the morning that I want to spend well all day long☆
"Morning curry" to do the guest house which gradually becomes popular, and not to look at.
There is a reason why it is popular.
[reason 1]
As for the product, taste is crowded in large quantities!
As I make for 50 people in large quantities, depth leaves in taste.
[reason 2]
It is elaborate to have elaborate seasoning!
Let alone spice of the curry, I add various fruit and am sweet while being spicy.
No, while, no, the spy sea is spicy while being sweet; sweetness…
Anyway, a taste as I want to have another serving even of several cups is jam-packed!
The amazake that secret ingredients are enough. That body is deepened deeply☆
[reason 3]
Delicious meat is contained! As for it a lot!
Only meat of the careful selection that admitted, "this meat is delicious" the master done work about the distribution of the meat! dan! In this! I use it.
Come loose in a mouth, melt away.
Taste gafuwa - tto opens.
I provide curry to a wanting customer in the morning without doing a guest house, and seeing it.
If there is hope, please order it without reserve. ^^
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