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A visit, the experience that works of the third railroad trace exploration and 鹿屋!

Ten sets of first arrival! (20-limited)

Passage of Tuesday, August 22, 2017 day

Kubo brewing meeting! (Kanoya-shi government office neighborhood) (there is a parking lot in ※ Kubo brewing)
The railroad trace exploration (the explanation of the railroad doctor includes it, and let's walk the track trace!)
I initiate you into petit information to help Kubo brewing tour of the plant and a dish!
Experience (let's learn how to grasp sushi from a general of **jushi!) made with sushi
Let's eat sushi which we made by oneself!

State on the day

A railroad doctor was able to tell me in various ways!
I am more surprised than an old photograph!
I had a doctor teach a viewpoint to understand a railroad trace!
A railroad ran on this old way!
The trace discovery of the railroad crossing!
After having circulated through the history of the railroad; to the railroad Memorial☆
A lot of charm not to usually notice that I am taught it by a doctor!
I was taught the structure of the railroad crossing!
I appreciate the video at the time of the Osumi line abolished line!
At first I make a study before soy sauce tour of the plant!
Finally in a factory! Good smell of the soy sauce☆
Soy sauce is a lot of tanks!
Miso sneaks into the idle room!
I waited! Sampling time☆
I understand the difference in taste! Hmm, it is delicious ...!
I finally make sushi and experience it!
I was taught how to grasp by a local sushi bar!
This is the first time that I see it in such a neighborhood! Can you do it as you were taught it?
Good! I cooperate as was taught by a general and will make it!
oo! I compete well! The general is helped last, too!
Because I was taught how to grasp, I can do it well!
As for the finish, a general cut vinegared rice rolled in dried laver neatly!
The arrangement is oneself, too☆
Brag! I was able to do it well!
Let's eat! The thing which I made by oneself is delicious!
The soy sauce which I observed in a factory! With miso soup which I made with the miso which I tasted a while ago!
With brief dishes using the vinegar made of these factories ☆I was taught the recipe!

Schedule on that day

I gather for the Kubo brewing! I start on the exploration from here!
Let's walk the old track trace with a railroad doctor around a 鹿屋 station!
When walk after a road to usually walk heard the explanation of the railroad doctor; ... new discovery!
I sell miso, soy sauce, vinegar by the Kubo brewing in various ways! It is possible even for how to make, the child of the use of the everyday dish and the pretty good side dish; is an introduction with one article simply!
Is with explanation at a place not to be able to usually look at; tour of the plant!
I will make it while having you teach how to grasp sushi!


Parent and child (one adult, child one) ※The child becomes a target only of a primary schoolchild.

2,100 yen
※The rate is lunch charges and event premium, guide charges.
※I plan 15:00 at event end time.

I bring it

・Water bottle
・Memo pad
・Writing utensils
・Triangle bandage

About an application

The application closed it.
Thank you for much application.
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TEL. 0994-41-7010
FAX. 0994-41-6000

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