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The dinner of this day…!

I report it once again as I was able to have an opportunity of the coverage.
Maine of the dinner of this day was "a kanoya pig rose bowl" with full of pig ribs.
(dinner menu)
・kanoya pig rose bowl
・Tempura (vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar) of the taro
・Quarrel of a bitter gourd and the egg
・dakkisho tofu (peanut tofu)
・Seasoning boiled egg
・Boiling peanut
A kanoya pig rose bowl is sole food of the 鹿屋 and can eat it in the restaurant of the 鹿屋.
This is pig ribs okoredemoka, too! I use to, and "rashisa of each shop is the highlight, too".
[a link: one and a fan club]
In dessert "nettabo."
I knead the sweet potato which I steamed into a rice cake, and, with native district cake of Kagoshima to season with soybean flour, a sticky wet texture, sweet potato and the kind sweetness of the rice cake are the secrets of the taste☆
With a pleasant proprietress, it seemed to become the pleasant dinner brightly.
Anyway, a pig generously. Bittersweet seasoning fits white rice☆
nettabozukurino state. The woman of the smile is Setsuko of the proprietress☆
nettabo. Fix the form; soybean flour omabuteimashita. A nice souvenir included it.
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