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Person of mountain

The feeling that the dinner of this day does not come!

・I roll dish simmered in tsu of the taro
・Pork fried on a skewer
・kibinagono tempura
・I fry the miso of the bitter gourd
・Salt boiling depinattsu
・Fried fish balls
The salt boiling peanut is taste not to stop if I begin to eat.
Saltiness fits the peanut which became soft well.
Common even in a bar, for traditional taste of Osumi, the 鹿屋, is done with the home-cooked meal which I can well eat from old days.
Is a millet; is there most that deep-fry it, and eat?
It is delicious local cooking of Kagoshima.
Menu contents and the number of articles change by seasons.
I am glad if I serve as a reference as an example of the dinner menu. ^^
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