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It was stayed for people days junior high school of Osaka.

A 鹿屋 noted product "Seriola purpurascens dance." I dance as far as each body moves.
A goat and a tea plantation and a tea picking experience. It was tea business conditions omen at ease.
A rice-transplanting experience. As the part of the edge of rice field did not arrive by machine, I planted a hand and did it.
After rice-transplanting, I washed the container which rice entered in a river. It was cold and invited you a feeling.
"Rah-rah! Rah-rah! kanoya!" A thunderous big big support yell. I resounded to the depths of the heart.
You came to 鹿屋 by vacation rental in 2014, and this school was the 鹿屋 vacation rental that this time became the second.
Other than 鹿屋 two classes, 3 district four classes of one class in total gave a share accommodation to me in one class, Minami-Osumi-cho in Kinko-cho of the neighboring town and, in all trip 3 days and 2 nights, had vacation rental to eyes in 2 nights.
I experience the life of the Noyama fishing village by a stay on an approximately full day at about 9:00 of - next day at about 10:00 a.m.
Concerning local school with the Noyama fishing village, it was that I put weight for "the interchange" than "an experience" this time and was faced the on-site training in the same way.
Meanwhile, student learns the Seriola purpurascens dance that danced with an Irimura type, and there is the announcement of "the gift in return Seriola purpurascens dance" at the time of taimurashiki and I have the support yell by all members of student to be a school of tradition and shed tears and.
Interchange next to the interchange.
I feel like having been able to tell with thanks and emotion as a form each other.
It was vacation rental memorable at all that I felt when this vacation rental remained in the heart of student when glad.
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