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kampachi kiteflying meet

I mend okinakampachi kite!

Event contents

Parent and child mission

① I make large kinakampachi kite approximately 2m.
  I will describe a painting freely along the line where I drew child ... kampachio on! I sandwich it and finish appearing.
        I sandwich it along kampachio line and finish appearing if I finish describing a painting.
  I make a thin strip of bamboo necessary for kampachi kite while looking at adult ... sample.
        I put a thin strip of bamboo which made kodomonokampachini.
② I fly a completed kite.
  Let's be careful not to fly with kampachi kite! It is a great success if I get nervous well!

On the date

 Date : In the case of fireworks display cancellation, it is Sunday, September 2 from 9:00 to 12:00 on Sunday, August 26
 Place : 鹿屋 Furue Port (the second floor of Kanoya-shi fishermen's cooperative association office meeting room meeting) 
         ・The making of kampachi kite (the second floor of Kanoya-shi fishermen's cooperative association office meeting room)
         ・Kiteflying (in front of Furue port open space (fireworks venue stage))
 A prize for participation: Available
 Capacity : 10 families (I may finish application acceptance before a time limit if I reach the capacity)
The smallest operation number of people: 6 families


1 family (one pro-one child) 1 kite 1,800 yen (the material costs such as kite, a string of a kite, the thin strip of bamboo and premium)
        (in the case of kite making addition 1 kite 1,600 yen)
       ※More than primary schoolchild apply to a child.

I bring it

 Slippers (I use it in a meeting room at work made with a kite)
 Hat (the thing which is not flown by wind including with string)
 ※I set up the crayon
 ※Please participate in mobile clothes

Application period

From Monday, July 2, 2018 to Friday, August 10, 2018

Schedule on the day

Passage of Sunday, August 26, 2018 day

Acceptance start (the second floor of Kanoya-shi fishermen's cooperative association office meeting room meeting!)
The making of Seriola purpurascens kite
I will fly the kite which I made!
※Around kiteflying venue contains vehicle import, the traffic regulation of the fireworks person concerned from the afternoon.

Event flyer

kampachi kiteflying flyer

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