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Sonoda food

(*^-^*) which is a cake of 2020.5.22 Sonoda food           

The motto of Sonoda food searches natural foods and serves health.


Sonoda food is the food company which continues making the native district cake which climate of Kagoshima produced from founding 1976.
I make a traditional gentle delicious cake including "Akumaki" of the local native district cake "dumpling not to be able to turn off" "circle boro".

In the Kanoya-shi sightseeing product synthesis center, I have a cake of four kinds of Sonoda food which selected carefully.


Introduction of the cake of Sonoda food

Brown sugar bolo
238 yen (tax-included)
It is a cake with the flavor mellowness that fully put raw sugar in the conventional circle bolo which assumed honey, wheat flour, a chicken egg, milk a main material.

356 yen (tax-included)
Native district cake Akumaki of Kagoshima. purummochittoshita texture becomes the habit. You attach soybean flour with the sugar, and please have it.


Dumpling not to be able to turn off
410 yen (tax-included)
It is the best recommended dumpling of the association staff. It is the delicious dumpling which I wrapped in the leaf which I cannot put out.

The dumpling which does not work
356 yen (tax-included)
Dumpling characterized by the light sweetness that wrapped the dumpling which I kneaded adzuki bean ano into in a round leaf called the satsuma Smilax Rhizome
I do it in this.

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