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Truth Hanado

Recommending it in this week…

(*^-^*) which is 2020.5.28 truth Hanado

Japanese-Western style cake truth Hanado is production, cozy Kashiya selling it in families.


Truth Hanado is small Kashiya, but I am particular about local production for local consumption and cook a cake. A lot of Japanese and Western cakes line up in the shop, and there is the cake of high quality of the 鹿屋, too.

As you handle a cake and a celebration cake, the Buddhist memorial service cake on a birthday, please drop in at truth Hanado.


In the Kanoya-shi sightseeing product synthesis center, I have a cake of two kinds of truth Hanado who selected carefully.


Introduction of the cake of truth Hanado

Peanut steamed bun
151 yen (tax-included)
A 鹿屋 product peanut is a delicious cake using "incense of the volost".


Peanut steamed bun five set
864 yen - (tax-included)

Taro steamed bun
151 yen (tax-included)
It is the cake which kneaded the taro "brilliance" of the 鹿屋 product new article class into bean jam.
It is receiving a prize ... at a ... whole country cake size exhibition in zenkahakueihomaredaisho


Taro steamed bun five set
864 yen - (tax-included)
Japanese-Western style cake truth Hanado 
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