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I will send it out to the souvenir whole country of the 鹿屋!

I send out a souvenir of the 鹿屋 to the whole country in the Kanoya-shi sightseeing product synthesis center!
Please consult about the product which is not published, the original set product!

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Recruitment of seminar participants‼

The product development seminar that I packed with local charm

It is the announcement of seminar hosted by Kanoya-shi Tourism Association.
You greet the first grade food coordinator Naoko Sugizuru to the lecturer this time, and please talk about "the product development that you packed with local charm".

I want the idea of the new product which does not know what kind of product which wants to create a seller I should make…

The person whom such a trouble fits in one, please participate!

Date and time Monday, June 12, 2023 14:00-15:00
One and information training room A of venue rinashiti
35 capacity
Have fill in the requirements on an application method application; for FAX, an email
     teo application. I accept the application over the telephone.

Seminar application downloading


takakuma village forest oldness and experience

One and city village forest oldness and the experience-based takakuma release start of Kagoshima!

#Kagoshima # Kanoya-shi # Takakuma # oldness and experience-based # key pull Festival # kanoya#kagoshima
In village forest "takakuma" of the 鹿屋 which original scenery of Japan spreads through,
Do you not spend a good old time with parent and child and a friend happily?
I prepared for a stay program to be able to fully taste takakumano blessing.
I invite all of you to a local event in 2 days and 1 night.
Cut rice, the festival with the rice cake or a meal or the event for exclusive use of the experience-based customer who can play
Local people send it heartily♪

The details from this☟

I held 2022 one and special product contests!

 I act for the market expansion support by holding the contest of the existing souvenir which a member of Kanoya-shi tourist association, a company in Kanoya-shi and an individual sell and the souvenir full of the souvenir which development and production improved newly, the hometown love, and planning product development will and the improvement of the producer in technique by finding the special products which I can send charm of Kanoya-shi to, and publicizing a winning a prize product widely and plan a special product and improvement of Kanoya-shi in popularity, attracting tourist to Kanoya-shi, activation of the area industry.
 In addition, I fix my eyes on the souvenir sale at the held Kagoshima National Athletic Meet in corona and 2023 in after and promote the development of the new product which considered an approach of SDGs (sustainable development target).

○Examination result
 Mayor Kanoya Prize      fesutibaro company "Krispy sweet potato"
 鹿屋 chamber of commerce president Prize ocean brewing "perception Pacino"
 Manager of Kanoya-shi tourist association Prize JANCACAO "PEANUTBLENDCHOCOLATE"
 Judge long prize      Spirit studio hot tofu "entering moringa papaya tofu"
 Special prize        Nishio processed tea "roast brown rice ice cream"

List of 2022 one and special product contest participation offices


I renewed an online shop♪♪

which renewed online shopping from June 10 
It was simpler and became able to purchase products than before.
Please use online shopping.

Kanoya-shi sightseeing product synthesis center
※I will move to the outside site.
I send charm and information of Kanoya-shi to all of you.
We Kanoya-shi tourist association introduces various tourist facilities of Kanoya-shi widely and plans the promotion of the tourist industry,
Because a town full of the charm that I did lively pushes forward making it,
I cooperate with local groups and cooperate and develop various activities.

The latest information guidance


kanoyanoummaka present

All of you hello
In that which lives in the ‼ distant place, and cannot readily meet that person whom there is who is usually taken care of‼
With appreciation, do you not present "kanoyanoummaka present"?
It is until from July 1 to August 31 for the period♪
As it becomes empty, as for the exhibition, please wait for pleasure on July 1.
※From the online shop of the Kanoya-shi tourist association is delivered.
As it too looks delicious, I think that I work as me with a click.
No! (^_-)- which I do by all means☆

News from the Kanoya-shi tourist association

kanoyano brochure


Instagram of the Instagram Kanoya-shi tourist association formula is this

General corporate judicial person Kanoya-shi tourist association
3-11-1, Nishihara, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima
TEL. 0994-41-7010
FAX. 0994-41-6000

1.Spread of sightseeing, tourism thought and consciousness improvement
2.The development spread of special products and sales promotion
3.Sightseeing product promotion tameno intelligence and dispatch

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