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One of the Rose queen

One and contest of the Rose queen to choose with all of venues

I like 鹿屋 so as to be in love!

One and the contest of the Rose queen recruit such people very much.
During term of 2 years various events such as summer festivals,
On TV, a newspaper, a radio
Do you not publicize favorite 鹿屋 with all one's might?

Result announcement!

It ended in one and the contest safety of the seventh Rose queen, and two people were chosen!
There are two people of Rina Matoba and Natsumi Miyahara!
Please support two people from now on as you are active at many places!
An activity period is two years from July!
As kanoya summer festival is going to show it; in everybody fun!
On the day a contest was unfortunate weather, but the venue was prosperous very much.
The lottery where it wins a luxurious product to have swelled next to result announcement!
Company which had you support it, thank you.

Let's choose the person of the Rose queen becoming the face of the 鹿屋 in everybodies!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

kanoyabara garden garden stage       It became the multipurpose hall (the stand side) for a rainy day!
※Entering a kindergarten to kanoyabara garden is necessary!
Acceptance start       13:00 ...
Contest start 13:30 ...
※I judge weather the day before at 17:00. It may become the venue gakanoyabara garden multi-purpose hall depending on weather.
There is the lottery where a special product is after the contest vote!
Come by all meansThe face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled

Work of the Rose queen

kanoya summer festival
I participate in a parade on a convertible. I change a uniform into a yukata and participate in a total dance afterwards! It becomes the announcement of the new Rose queen.
I publicize it by an event
I participate in various events inside and outside the prefecture and send charm of Kanoya-shi! I work as a maid heaping up 鹿屋.
Media appearance
There is much work of the media appearance including the CM shooting of the one and rose Festival of the notice of the event on TV and a radio!

Current activity

Voice of senior Rose

Valuable experience one-time in the life

I want to know 鹿屋 more! I publicize a good place in a mom glance and want to do it! I thought of this and applied.

When it was chosen, there were surprise and the uneasiness, too, but confidence became able to have little by little whenever I went for PR.
I was able to act as term of 2 years while getting cooperation from both a family and the workplace.
I kept it in mind to publicize it after my going to the 鹿屋 noiikotoroo true verge, and studying, and experiencing it.
While both oneself and the child enjoyed 鹿屋 with a family by going out to play here and there, I was able to gather information.
In addition, PR in a TV radio, the newspaper is the valuable experience that there is not in the everyday life and thinks that and the encounter that there is many it are stimulating at all and brought me up.
Having wanted to do it still more in instant two years want to publicize it, but think that should be able to publicize it as a citizen loving 鹿屋 from now on.
One and Sachie Tanaka of the sixth Rose queen

Look back on the activity of the Rose queen

From the contest that I expected with a tense look, early two years passed.
I stood in the public and it was me whom I was hard for to deal with to talk, but was able to work happily while having the various places of the circumference support it.
I participated in CM shooting of the rose Festival and the news circumference and a ceremony and did the host progress of each event and the valuable experience and experience that there was rarely including the bouquet presentation, and, for me, it was to a treasure very much and came to like Kanoya-shi more in these 2 years.
In addition, what I took every day set up an antenna and took that I was interested in a memo and made the file every contents.
It was me who was weak in study, but, about this work, studied happily for some reason!
At first, I am tense and am puzzled and take time before I am used, but think that it is for two years significant at all.
The next is in a position to support you, and of new Rose queen think that can support it.

One and Mirai Nakamata of the sixth Rose queen

About application

I had you apply toward the lot. Thank you.

I had you support it toward the lot. Thank you!

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